El Rancho Resort, Ghodras, Adma Highway
Tel: + 961 71 999268     + 961 9 741133     + 961 76 999268
HIGHNOON SALOON Restaurant & Pub

Hearty appetites and vigorous ranch style cuisines are on the menu at the Highnoon Saloon.

Our commitment to excellence in catering includes a commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. We believe that providing our clients with a variety of sustainable options for every event encourages green practices & reduces our carbon footprint. We offer a selection of organic & sustainably raised food in earth friendly tableware.

Our Organic menu features a selection of dishes prepared from the freshest ingredients. We serve a variety of healthy home-cooked Texan-size meals prepared with organic meat, poultry, and seafood along with healthy salads using ingredients form our plantation.

Our meals are prepared on the spot with a keen eye on the ingredients. We want you to be happy and healthy! Happy, because the food tastes great! And healthy, since we use our own fresh vegetables and natural ingredients planted in our El Rancho farm that emphasize on bio and organic standards.  

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